Confidence: Mission and Ministry in a Secular Age

25–26 August (Tuesday–Wednesday)
  • Although recent life and ministry have been dominated by COVID, we are emerging into a world pretty much like the pre-COVID world. In the west Christians are ‘aliens and strangers’ in a largely secular world.

    That is the world in which and to which God has called us to proclaim Christ, and it isn’t going away any time soon. Burying our heads in the sand hoping for a return to Christendom is unworthy of Christ. We are obliged to our churches and our neighbours to engage secularised hearts and minds with the unchanging gospel of Jesus. Commending and defending Christ in this context necessarily involves understanding the secular mindset and the desires it feeds, both good and evil.

  • At the 2020 Annual Conference we will tackle these pressing issues, helping us both understand the contemporary times we inhabit, and exploring concrete ways of doing ministry faithfully and fruitfully in this secular age. We will ground ourselves in Scripture (Peter Orr will open 1 Cor 1-3), grow our situational awareness in order to point the way forward (Rory Shiner’s keynote talks) and observe case studies of  churches doing mission and ministry to the various tribes in our secular world (Steve McAlpine as journalist). The program will also include Workshops to explore the practicalities of preaching, discipling and evangelising our various tribes.

Rory Shiner

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Rory Shiner

Rory was born and raised in Albany, studied English and Anthropology at UWA and so mainly worked in cafes and kebab shops. He is married to Susan and they have four boys.

He studied theology at Moore College, and he also has a PhD in Australian church history (on Donald Robinson). He has a keen interest in the nature of our secular world, and has taught Masters courses in the area.

Rory serves as the senior pastor of Providence City Church in Perth.

Steve McAlpine

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Steve McAlpine

Steve is a pastor, an acute observer, a commentator and provocateur.

He studied Journalism at Curtin Uni and Theology at Trinity TC. He was planting pastor of Providence Midland among the battlers of Perth suburbia, where he continues to preach. He also writes and speaks for Third Space (CBF), and is a highly regarded blogger. With Rory, he has taught Masters course in Secularism.

Married to Jill, with maturing children, he is a dedicated runner and coffee connoisseur.

Peter Orr

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Peter Orr

Peter grew up in Northern Ireland, was converted through a Billy Graham meeting, served as a missionary in Romania before studying theology at Moore College and Durham (PhD).

He now teaches New Testament at Moore College, with a special interest in Jesus' exaltation and the value of Christian work.

He is married to Emma and they have 4 boys.

The PGP Annual Conference is for Christian leaders—pastors, youth workers, chaplains, theological students and ministry apprentices across WA.

Our purpose in gathering for 2 days is to equip us for Biblically faithful, Christ-centred gospel ministry, and to foster partnerships in the cause of Christ as we seek to win the multitudes of lost people in WA and beyond.

The conference will be a physical gathering (unless COVID restrictions prevent us), as interacting and praying (and eating) together are crucial to our goals.

Venue: North Beach Baptist Church (10 Groat St)

Dates: 25–26 August, 9am to 5pm

Tuesday 9 for 9.30am start

Wed 9am start


$175 (including lunches)

$145 for those travelling >350kms

$100 for students and MTS Apprentices