Advancing the gospel in WA by equipping leaders, promoting evangelism and church planting, connecting like-minded churches.

Upcoming Network Events

20 April 2024

Trinity Theological College

A day to enrich, encourage and equip women serving in their churches.

20 May 2024


What's our job and what gets in the way of doing it well?

8 July 2024


For Uni students exploring God's Guidance Mon-Fri

13 August 2024


Annual Conference 2024 The Character of the Christian Leader Tues-Wed

Some of our partners

The PGP is an active network of Christian leaders which is:


Christian leaders opt in because they share the convictions and aspirations of the PGP and because they want to work together with other like-minded people


Partnership means a default position of seeking to support initiatives and projects of the PGP, but not any enforced obligation to do so


Partnership means a commitment to desiring to see the other partners flourish, and incorporating that mindset in the way we shape our own ministry, and it means looking for ways to contribute to developing common strategies for gospel growth.