Regular PGP Events

PGP runs regular events to help support our partners and wider gospel ministry.

Challenge Conference

Raising up the next generation of gospel workers for WA and beyond. Challenge Conference is a one-day conference for those considering vocational ministry.

PGP Annual Conference

The PGP Annual Conference is a two-day conference for encouraging and spurring on PGP Partners and others in ministry.

Network calendar

Including PGP events, events from Endorsed Ministries, Endorsed Events, and external events advertised by PGP. See Policies for details.

12 July 2021


For university students

14 August 2021


Ezekiel: Crossing the Distance, with Simon Manchester

24 August 2021


Proclaiming Christ in a Post-Christian World, with David Robertson

28 August 2021


Live life well: Wisdom from Ecclesiastes

11 September 2021


Raising up the next generation of gospel workers