PGP Partners

Public Partners

Perth — North

Michael Birch
Kingsley Church of Christ

Grant Hendry
North Beach Baptist Church

Gordon Killow
Kallaroo Anglican

Roger Morey
St Matthew's Anglican Shenton Park

Evan McFarlane
St Matthew's Anglican Shenton Park

Chris Roberts
St Matthew's Anglican Shenton Park

Simon van Bruchem
All Nations Presbyterian Church, Perth

Ben Underwood
Wembley Anglican Church

Henry Harding
North Coast Church

Mark Wilson
Dalkeith Baptist Church

Neil Walthew
Wanneroo Anglican Church

Sam Rae
Highgate Anglican Church

Bruce Polmear
Claremont Baptist Church

Warick Smith
Claremont Baptist Church

Rory Shiner
Providence Church

Perth — South

Craig Newill
Westminster Presbyterian Church Bull Creek

Cam St Clair
Three Crosses WPC, Murdoch

Katherine Ollis
Westminster Presbyterian Church Bull Creek

Ben van der Klip
Kelmscott Anglican

Cohen Watson
Rockingham Church of Christ

Damien Young
Bentley Unichurch

Mike Lochore
Yangebup Baptist Church

Glen Saw
Mundaring Church of Christ

Mark Vivian
Westminster Presbyterian Church Bull Creek

Matthew Dodd
Westminster Presbyterian Church Bull Creek

Roger Palmer
Westminster Presbyterian Church Maida Vale

Regional — North

Eion Simmons
Geraldton Anglican Cathedral

Geoff van Schie
CRC GospelAir

Paul Spackman
Bluff Point Anglican

Frank Nicol
Karratha Anglican

Khim Harris
Anglican Diocese of NWA

Regional — South

Phil Beeck
Albany Baptist Church

Jamie Houghton
Bunbury Baptist Church

Andrew Main
Bunbury Baptist Church

Jeff Jackson
Cranbrook Baptist Church

Jono Wesley
Mt Barker Baptist Church


Allan Chapple
Trinity Theological College

Darrell Thatcher
Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia

David Greeff

Mike Fischer
SIM Australia

Tim Thorburn

Rosemary Thorburn

Leni-Jo McMillan

Ben Rae

Celeste Boska

George Cugley

Jordan Thyer
RZIM Ministries

Ben Smart

Partnership information

The PGP is an active network of Christian leaders, which is:

  • voluntary – Christian leaders opt in because they share the convictions and aspirations of the PGP and because they want to work together with other like-minded people

  • limited – partnership means a default position of seeking to support initiatives and projects of the PGP, but not any enforced obligation to do so

  • active – partnership means a commitment to desiring to see the other partners flourish, and incorporating that mindset in the way we shape our own ministry, and it means looking for ways to contribute to developing common strategies for gospel growth.

Partners are Christian leaders who want to be actively involved in the network, and who:

Partnership is usually for 2 years; existing Partners can renew their Partnership without needing to renominated.

For more information on how the PGP operates, see About PGP.

Endorsed Ministries

The primary vision of the PGP is to advance the gospel in WA by equipping leaders, promoting evangelism and church planting, connecting like-minded churches.

One of the ways the PGP aims to do this is by partnering with other interdenominational ministries.

Each of these ministry organisations shares common characteristics with each other and the PGP:

  • Interdenominational;
  • A Perth based, Western Australia serving, ministry;
  • Holding similar convictions to those found in the PGP Theological Vision Statement in their approach to ministry and mission;
  • A commitment to the proclamation of Jesus Christ as Lord.

Perth Youth Gospel Partnership (PYGP)

The Perth Youth Gospel Partnership (PYGP) is the youth-specific part of the PGP that ministers to youth and those in youth ministry.

The PYGP aims to support Bible based, Christ centred, Gospel focused youth ministry in Perth and beyond through:

  • encouraging and equipping  youth leaders;
  • reaching out to and training youth.

The Huge Event

The Huge Event is culmination of the PYGP calendar. Bringing together hundreds of youth from youth groups and churches across denominations, Perth and Western Australia, The Huge Event is unashamedly all about Jesus.

During the event youth and leaders will spend time in prayer, sing praises to God, learn from God's word, meet other young Christians and be inspired to live a transformed life thanks to Jesus.

Fuel Conference

Fuel Conference is a training day held each year by the PYGP that aims to grow youth leaders in mature and godliness in Christ and equip them with skills and understanding to be wise and faithful leaders of the youth under them.


Trinity Theological College is an independent evangelical college whose mission is to prepare men and women for effective Christian service for the glory of God.

Trinity believes that a Gospel-shaped ministry will be marked by three interrelated qualities; Bible-based, Christ-centred and Ministry-focussed. It will be dedicated to developing the integration of head, heart and hands in Word ministry.

Graduates of Trinity serve in churches, schools, and other contexts throughout Western Australia and beyond as pastors, cross-cultural workers, and lay people.


Christian Conventions of Western Australia (CCOWA) are an inter-denominational ministry that seeks to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in WA, mainly by public Bible teaching, conventions and conferences.

City Bible Forum

City Bible Forum offers city workers a place to explore life's bigger questions, aiming to help people discover the views of Jesus.

City Bible Forum provides the environment for people wanting to inquire into Christianity in an open and intellectually credible manner that respects the needs of professional workers. It also helps Christians in the workplace to think through how their faith impacts the way they conduct their professional life.


The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) is an organisation of Christian uni students who meet to study the Bible, share Jesus with friends and grow to maturity in Christ.

There are AFES student groups (called Christian Unions) on every university in Perth.

In public meetings, Bible study groups, training events and camps the students are equipped for ministry and evangelism, and are presented the challenge of serving God at uni and on in to the rest of their lives.