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From the Executive Officer

God’s gospel is the revolutionary news that our creator has stepped into human history to fix our mess. Human evil pollutes our lives, and brings us under God's condemnation, and its effects pervade the universe, but God sent his own Son to die for our sins and rise to immortal life. Jesus is now the Lord of all, offering forgiveness and the hope of resurrected life to all who repent of their rejection of God, and trust him.

This is the gospel that we have gladly embraced, and long for others to hear. The Perth Gospel Partnership is a network of Christian leaders in WA who believe this gospel, proclaim this gospel, and pray that this gospel will be honoured by many more. And we look for ways of working together in the cause of Christ.

Welcome to our website. Feel free to poke around and use the resources. If you live in WA and share our heartbeat, please feel free to make contact.

Tim Thorburn

PGP Executive Officer

The PGP is an active network of Christian leaders which is:


Christian leaders opt in because they share the convictions and aspirations of the PGP and because they want to work together with other like-minded people


Partnership means a default position of seeking to support initiatives and projects of the PGP, but not any enforced obligation to do so


Partnership means a commitment to desiring to see the other partners flourish, and incorporating that mindset in the way we shape our own ministry, and it means looking for ways to contribute to developing common strategies for gospel growth.

Partners are Christian leaders who want to be actively involved in the network, and who:

endorse the Theological Vision Statement and subscribe to the Doctrinal Statement.

are endorsed by two existing Partners

pay the Partnership contribution (currently $100 for 2 years).

Partnership is usually for 2 years; existing Partners can renew their Partnership without needing to renominated.

For more information on how the PGP operates, see Questions and Answers.

Steering Committee

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