Theological Vision Statement

To advance the gospel in WA by equipping leaders, promoting evangelism and church planting, connecting like minded churches.

Perth Gospel Partnership is an interdenominational network of West Australian churches and Christian leaders united by scriptural, reformed and missional convictions.

1. Purpose

The Perth Gospel Partnership exists for the growth of the gospel in Perth and WA. It is a voluntary network of Christians and churches who share a common understanding of the gospel and the nature of ministry and mission, working together (where it will help) for the evangelisation of Perth and WA by the multiplication and strengthening of churches and ministries committed to the convictions outlined below.

We recognize that not all of our fellow-believers in the Lord Jesus hold all the convictions we set forth here. We do not state them in order to be divisive - we rejoice wherever and whenever Jesus Christ is proclaimed as Lord and Saviour. But because these convictions govern our approach to ministry and mission, we state them to make clear what we think is required for the sort of partnership we desire.

2. Convictions about the Gospel

The Scriptures teach that the gospel is God’s power for salvation for everyone who believes. It is the announcement that Jesus Christ is the world’s only Lord and Saviour by virtue of having conquered sin, death and the devil by his death and resurrection.

The Scriptures describe the theological context in which the gospel is made known including God’s righteous condemnation of sinful humanity, the utter inability of humans to contribute to their own salvation, the free grace of God who sovereignly works the salvation of his chosen people, the complete efficacy of Jesus’ atoning work for the sake of the elect, the effective and regenerating call of the gospel and the certain preservation and perseverance of the saints to eternal glory.

3. Convictions about Ministry

The heart of Christian ministry is the proclamation of the Lordship of Jesus, amongst all kinds of people, in prayerful dependence upon the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God. This involves a thoroughgoing commitment to the exposition and explanation of the Scriptures which are the record and revelation of God’s unfolding gospel plan from the Creation to the New Creation.

The fruit of Christian ministry is entirely the work of the Holy Spirit who gives the new birth according to the eternal election of the Father. The Holy Spirit brings about in those who are regenerated repentance and faith, a life of holiness and works of love. We rejoice that God calls and equips both men and women for ministry and we delight in the Scriptural pattern of complementary partnership in serving the Lord.

4. Convictions about the Cultural Context of Mission

Effective gospel ministry avoids such contempt of the prevailing culture that its proclamation is essentially a private activity with no impact or engagement with that culture, and it avoids such an embrace of the prevailing culture that its proclamation is indistinguishable from that culture. Instead, effective gospel ministry identifies the aspects of the prevailing culture that are incompatible with the Lordship of Jesus, and issues a summons to a new way of life that rests upon and reflects the sovereignty of God, the grace found only in Jesus, the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, the truth of God’s Word the Scriptures and the coming kingdom of Christ.

We recognize that despite the relative wealth, comfort and safety of life in WA, the vast majority of our neighbours are spiritually dead and without hope in the face of the coming judgment. God has graciously provided in his Son everything necessary for the salvation of sinners, and it is the privilege and responsibility of the Body of Christ to be wise (recognizing the cultural language of the wider society), persistent (in the face of opposition and discouragement), faithful (to the apostolic message) and prayerful (depending on God alone for fruit) in offering to all people the Saviour who comes to us in his gospel. The evangelisation of Perth and WA is the urgent need of the hour.

5. Convictions about Strategy for seeing the Gospel Spread

i. The Local Church

We believe that the Lord Jesus equips every local church for the ministry that he has committed to them. We long to see local churches filled with the knowledge of God’s will so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.

We believe that the local church is to be an adornment of the gospel, characterised by joy, thanksgiving and humility before the Lord because of the experience of God’s grace in the gospel; a hunger for the life-giving and Spirit-wielded Word of God in Scripture; urgency and trust in prayer; sincerity in love and eagerness for doing good to all.

Therefore: We are committed to strengthening, encouraging and equipping local churches by promoting this vision of the life of the local church and cooperation between churches and church leaders that share these convictions.

ii. Evangelism

We believe that God has spoken in his gospel and that by that word of truth he convicts, converts, builds up and preserves his people for their inheritance. The gospel is revealed progressively in the Old and New Testaments and comes to its climax in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, especially in his death and resurrection.

Therefore: We will encourage Christian leaders to proclaim the gospel boldly and to persevere in the work of encouraging and equipping every Christian to share in promoting the gospel by their prayers, financial support of ministries of proclamation, and personal witness.

iii. The Scriptures

We believe that as the Scriptures are heard and received in humble repentance, trust, obedience and thanksgiving, that God feeds, builds, protects, equips and empowers his people for their life and witness; teaching, correcting, rebuking and training in righteousness; and producing faith, endurance and works of love and service.

We believe in the centrality of the proclamation of the gospel through the exposition of the Scriptures in dependence upon the convicting power of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore: We will promote the reading and study of the Scriptures among God’s people and the ministry of expository preaching of the Scriptures as central for the health of the local church, and the use of the Scriptures in evangelism.

iv. Partnership

We believe that, under God, the partnership of likeminded church leaders for prayer, training and mutual encouragement in the work of the gospel will serve to advance the gospel in our day.

Therefore: We will seek, develop and promote opportunities for church leaders to network and be extended and encouraged in effective ministry.

v. Multiplication of Churches and Ministries

We believe that the progress of the gospel will involve both the strengthening of existing churches and ministries and the planting of new ones, including in areas where other gospel centred churches and ministries already exist.

Therefore: We will encourage the multiplication of churches and ministries where there is godly and gifted leadership available and willing to undertake pioneering work.

vi. Multiplication of Leaders

We believe that Christian leaders have the responsibility for the prayerful and intentional selection, training and commissioning of leaders of gospel mission—both men and women.

Therefore: We will seek, develop and promote opportunities for leaders, both men and women, to be equipped for this responsibility and otherwise assist those being raised up by the Lord to be involved in existing and pioneering work.